Federico Ramírez

Full stack web developer, gamer and cat lover from Argentina

  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • JavaScript
  • MVC
  • Symfony
  • Backbone
  • Knockout.js
  • Linux
  • Nginx
  • MySQL
Available for freelance work

Open Source Projects

Thin is a minimal CSS framework for the modern web, it's simple, responsive and doesn't get in your way. See Repository
Frontend Boilerplate is an opinionated boilerplate to quickly generate frontend projects using Gulp, LESS and Thin. It has a pre-configured gulpfile which compresses images, compiless less, sanitizes and prefixes CSS and minifies Javascript. See Repository
Katar is a simplistic template engine for PHP, developed as an exercise to work on a Rescursive Descent Parser. It's functional and quite fast, it even has a Silex service provider. See Repository
Blueberry is a toy programming language inspired by CoffeeScript and created using a PEG. It resembles Ruby's syntax and compiles to PHP. See Repository
backbone-modal enables you to display a BackBone view in a modal fashion. Quick and easy with no external dependencies. See Repository

CodeCanyon Items

jQuery Rating is a plugin which turns a regular HTML input into a beautiful rating widget. It integrates nicely with HTML 5 validation. See on CodeCanyon
Metro DateTime Picker is a Metro inspired widget which enables the user to select a date and time in a Windows Metro fashion. It's highly customizable and has no hard dependencies. See on CodeCanyon
Ultra DB is a flat-files database designed to work in very limited environments. It can be an alternative to SQLite, or it can serve as a cache layer. It's fast and has a rich and simple querying API. See on CodeCanyon

Federico Ramírez